Swimming Lessons

Running from 28 September – 20 December 2020

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Bookings are now closed. Information for January 2021 term available soon. 

Information for Swimmers booked in March 2020

This is an additional term added to our system to provide a level of swimming lessons whilst maintaining our current COVID-secure measures in place. Similar to a holiday crash course it does not affect your place in the ‘standard term’, which we aim to resume in January. If you wish to wait until January 2021 you will be able to re-book for this in early December as normal.

Swimmers class levels will be set as they were in Spring. For e.g. if a swimmer attended a Beginner 2 class in March, they will remain set at Beginner 2 for the adapted September Term. Any pre-school swimmers now age 4 will be updated to Beginner 1 level.

Any credits owed will automatically be applied to your next lesson payment whether this is in September or January.

Information for New Swimmers

This September Term is an addition to our usual  scheme of lessons. It is, therefore, an independent term. Booking does not guarantee enrolment onto January 2021.

Class Levels Available

Parent & Baby – Learner Pool – Age 6 months – 2 

Parent & Toddler – Learner Pool – Age up to 3 

Pre-school – Learner Pool – Age up to 4 – requires a parent to accompany in water

Beginner 1 – Learner Pool – Stage 1&2 – Age 4+ – parent only required to accompany if teacher advises 

Beginner 2 – Main Pool Shallow – Stage 3 

Improver 1 – Main Pool Centre- Stage 4

Improver 2 – Main Pool Deep – Stage 5

Advanced classes and Adult lessons are not available until January 2021 term.

What has Changed?

Reduced class sizes 

Staggered start times – classes will run with staggered starts to encourage flow and limit grouping

Gaps between classes – to allow for cleaning of equipment

Pre-school classes require a parent to accompany in the water

Beginner 1 classes may require a parent to accompany in the water – the teacher will advise if this is needed

All teachers will be teaching from the side – no assistants will be in the water

The showers will not be available

Swimmers will be required to arrive ‘swim ready’

Spectators are limited to one per swimmer – this includes siblings

Masks to be worn whilst moving around the pool hall spectator area

It is an independent term – booking for January 2021 will be completely seperate with priority to swimmers booked in March 2020

Learner pool pick up from poolside

Main pool pick up from far end of changing rooms


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